Introduction and Outline

The Clinical Audit (individual) teaches general practitioners (GPs) prevent falls in older patients by helping them to review aspects of their clinical performance against best practice guidelines for fall prevention.

This Clinical Audit will teach general practitioners (GPs) to:

  • Evaluate fall prevention care provided by you/your practice
  • Apply evidence-based processes for preventing falls
  • Monitor and reflect on changes

There is the option for self-reporting to receive RACGP QI&CPD points.

Areas of interest: general practice, aged care, falls, fall prevention, healthy ageing.

This Clinical Audit is developed by Professor Lindy Clemson (The University of Sydney) and the iSOLVE team, including Professor Dimity Pond (The University of Newcastle), Associate Professor Chris Roberts (The University of Sydney), Associate Professor Lynette Mackenzie (The University of Sydney), Dr Sabrina Pit (The University of Sydney), Dr Amy Tan (The University of Sydney) and Dr Jeannine Liddle (The University of Sydney).

Course Details


6 hours






Clinical Audit (individual)


Self-report for 40 Category 1 QI&CPD points