Introduction and Outline

This workshop will equip allied health and exercise professionals with the knowledge and ability to identify, develop, demonstrate and implement evidence-based exercise interventions.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • An overview of the issue of falls in older people
  • Understanding balance and how it changes with age
  • The evidence for exercise as a fall prevention intervention
  • How to design and administer fall prevention programs

Research has shown that exercise is the gold standard intervention for reducing falls in older people. Attendees will be guided by the latest evidence to develop safe and efficacious exercise programs for older adults, designed to enhance physical and functional capacity and prevent falls and fall-related injury in the populations most at risk.

This evidence-based workshop includes a self-guided online course and an interactive live virtual practical workshop and will provide an overview of the highest quality research, current national clinical guidelines and public health recommendations.

Course Details


Online coursework (4 hours) and a live virtual practical workshop (3 hours)



Course Information

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