Introduction and Outline

The Home and Community Safety workshop teaches occupational therapists (OTs) and other allied health professionals how to conduct a comprehensive home visit designed to reduce the risk of falls for older people residing in the community. This evidence-based workshop provides an excellent continuing professional development (CPD) opportunity for OTs, physiotherapists, nurses, exercise physiologists and other health providers interested in healthy ageing and falls prevention.

This course will help health care providers to:
• Identify environmental hazards and behavioural risks related to falls
• Problem-solve solutions jointly with patients
• Reduce or prevent future falls and the consequences of falls
• Learn to develop a tailored Action Plan for clients
• Apply an evidence-based approach in everyday practice

A downloadable certificate is available at course completion. This is designed to support Continuing Professional Development requirements (e.g. CPD (Australia, Canada, Britain), PDU (US)). There is also a check list, if needed, to demonstrate completed activities throughout the modules.

Areas of interest: Falls, falls prevention, aged care, allied health care, occupational therapy CPD, ongoing professional development.

The Home and Community Safety course has been developed by Lindy Clemson, Professor in Ageing & Occupational Therapy, The University of Sydney, PhD, MAppSC (research) (OT), BAppSc (OT). The online course is based on years of evidence and draws on a face-to-face workshop developed by Lindy over the past 20 years.

Course Details


3 hours






Continuing professional development (CPD & PDU)

Course Information

Course Content

Modules Status



M1: Understanding the Person and Risk – What is the evidence?


M2: Understanding the Person and Risk – Profiling Personal Risk


M3: The Person-Environment Interaction – Techniques & Tools


M4: Exploring Clinical Reasoning


M5: Falls prevention strategies


M6: Action planning and Case studies