About Falls Prevention

The fall prevention online learning modules on this website have been designed by a team of world class researchers led by Prof Lindy Clemson (Professor in Ageing and Occupational Therapy, The University of Sydney). Courses are developed in conjunction with practicing physicians, occupational therapists and other health professionals.

Each learning module features evidence-based processes to help health professionals better manage falls. The aim is to keep older patients active, independent and engaged within the community by focusing on falls prevention.

Our worshops provide continuing professional development and learning opportunities for general practitioners (GPs), other medical doctors, practice nurses, occupational therapists and other interested allied health workers. Busy professionals can study at their own pace, in the comfort of their own office or home.

Online learning modules teach efficient and easy systems to help prevent injurious falls.

About iSOLVE Fall Prevention Project

Integrated SOLutions for Sustainable Fall PreVEntion - iSOLVE.

The iSOLVE project, a partnership between the University of Sydney, the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission and Sydney North Primary Health Network (SNPHN), aims to establish integrated processes and pathways between general practice, allied health services and programs to identify older people at risk of falls and engage a whole of primary care approach to falls prevention.

Prof Lindy Clemson and a team of multidisciplinary researchers including GPs have developed a clinical decision tool and resources (available on this website) based on the latest research evidence, the Cochrane Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (Gillespie et. al. 2012) and practice guidelines (The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and British Geriatrics Society (BGS)) and building on the US STEADI resources.

Learning activities (Active Learning Module and clinical audit) have also been developed to help GPs, practice nurses and other health professionals to implement the decision tool in general practice and potentially other primary care settings.

Research protocol: Clemson, L., Mackenzie, L., Roberts, C., Poulos, R., Tan, A., Lovarini, M., Sherrington, C., Simpson, J. M., Willis, K., Lam, M., Tiedemann, A., Pond, D., Peiris, D., Hilmer, S., Pit, S. W., Howard, K., Lovitt, L., & White, F. (2017). Integrated solutions for sustainable fall prevention in primary care, the iSOLVE project: a type 2 hybrid effectiveness-implementation design. Implementation Science, 12(1), 12.



About Home and Community Safety Workshop

The Falls Prevention Home and Community Safety Online Workshop is designed to train occupational therapists and other health professionals to conduct a comprehensive home visit to reduce the risk of falls for older community-residing adults. Working together with the older person, the goal is to identify environmental hazards and behavioural risks, to raise awareness of risks and to jointly problem-solve solutions.

The Falls Prevention Home and Community Safety Online Workshop has been developed by Professor Lindy Clemson. Lindy has been conducting this face-to-face workshop for over 20 years. It is now available online.

About Professor Lindy Clemson

Lindy Clemson (PhD, MAppSC (research) (OT), BAppSc (OT)) is a Professor of Ageing & Occupational Therapy at The University of Sydney.

Lindy Clemson is a specialist in public health research on ageing and an occupational therapist with a PhD in epidemiology. She leads the Participation, Safety and Ageing Research Team, investigating ways to improve the independence and quality of life of older people and to prevent falls.

Her specific focus areas are the physical environment, functional capacity and adaptation, daily life activity, enabling participation and preventing falls with older people. She has conducted randomised trials in the area of falls prevention with NHMRC project grant funding, including the successful “Stepping On” falls prevention program and Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) program.

She has contributed to the validation and development of functional assessments for older people related to ageing in place, and more recently conducted implementation research exploring issues of sustainability of fall prevention initiatives. Lindy has collaborated with the University of Madison, Wisconsin, to adapt her "Stepping On" falls prevention program for the US context, and through the Wisconsin Institute of Healthy Ageing, they have trained leaders in over 20 US states.

Read Prof. Lindy Clemsons full biography here.

Fall prevention is important for healthy ageing

  • keep elderly patients active & on their feet
  • reduce rates of hospitalisation
  • prevent injuries & disability
  • improve confidence & independence

This workshop is very comprehensive and has really enhanced my clinical practice.

I really enjoyed the case studies... which supported me to bring familiar elements together with more complex clinical reasoning and new information.

I’ve learned that falls are preventable! And I now know what I can do to help older people reduce their fall risk.